Dzulqarnain Nasir

CacheManager for EPiServer CMS

August 07, 2012 | 1 Minute Read

Geta has released yet another open source EPiServer CMS module. This latest module allows EPiServer administrators, as well as anyone with access rights, to manage the cache for EPiServer sites.


  • One-click cache clear- Clear EPiServer site cache with just one click.
  • Selective cache entry deletion - Select and delete individual cache entries.
  • Cache entry value display - View the contents of cache entries.
  • Multiple server support - Manage cache for multiple servers from a single node.


Image of the CacheManager UI

Image of the CacheManager UI

Image of the CacheManager UI

Image of the CacheManager UI


  1. Add as a NuGet package source.
  2. Install CacheManager for EPiServer via NuGet.
  3. Rebuild your project.
  4. Start managing your EPiServer site cache.


  • Cache entry value display currently only displays a string representation of the cache entry.
  • No paging is implemented yet, so cache entry list loading may be a bit slow when retrieving large cache entry lists.

NuGet Package Link



Thanks to Valdis Iljuconoks for helping out with this release.